Why choose XPEL

Stay Protected wherever the road leads you

With XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS and XPEL STEALTH paint protection films, Protect, Restore, and Renew Ducati body kit’s paint with long lasting protection.

Why choose Rikecool

Authorized XPEL installer

Our staff are trained and certified by XPEL. We use XPEL’s DAP technology to create templates efficiently, accurately and without concern. Importantly, we give Ducati riders the highest quality assurance!

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Check out our portfolio of PPF installation works

Protecting automotive paint and bodywork from damage and the effects of weathering is our specialty, we are known for it among the automotive dealers in Singapore.

Pushing the envelope in the aesthetics department

We at RikeCool truly understand the importance of maintaining the longevity of your beloved Ducati bike. A simple addition of PPF films is all you need.


Front Protection

Headlights, Front Fairing, and Windscreen protection.


Full Protection

Headlights, Front Fairing, Windscreen protection, Side Panel, Belly Pan, Tank Cover protection, Passenger Seat Cover, Under Tail, and Tail-lights.


Authorized Installer

1 Year Installation Warranty
No Special Maintenance Required
Please wait 48 hours after installation before washing
Avoid waxes that contain dyes or contain Naphtha or Kerosene in concentrations over 5%
Film Is Good for 10 Years
Can be applied to any smooth surface with special care around electronics and switches